Quality Management
"Satisfied with Customer Type Requirements、
Achieve Customer Specification Requirements "

For the product type, specifications, special requirements Min Chun creates a quality assurance value with a systematic quality assurance review system.

Quality Policy

Do Not Produce Unqualified Products

Do Not Accept Unqualified Products

Do Not Outflow Unqualified Products

Do it once

Through the quality policy,
all the parts and components produced by Min Chun can have complete traceability and consistent quality requirements,
creating excellent quality concepts,
let the quality concept deeply embedded in every company colleague.
The company can have the niche to survive, only when the quality is done well.

Always face real deficiencies in order to maintain continuous improvement.
In order to strengthen the company's integration with the international market, Min Chun passed the international aerospace certification AS9100 and adopted the internationally renowned inspection equipment BROWN & SHARP high-precision coordinate measuring machine.
Through the first recognition system, independent inspection, process inspection, and finished product inspection to effectively ensure that products can meet customer specifications.

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